My Super Affordable Totally Amazing DIY Bathroom Remodel

Before and After

Before and After

So, we moved into our house about a year and a half ago and I’m pretty sure the previous owners hadn’t updated anything since they built the house in the early 80’s.  In true 80’s style our bathrooms and kitchen all had delightful honey oak cabinets with awful outdated hardware (notice the pinkish balls below).



Next summer we will be moving 750 miles back to NC which means we have to start thinking about getting our home ready to sell.  These cabinets aren’t exactly screaming “buy me” so began my hours of scouring Pinterest for affordable DIY bathrooms.  At some point I stumbled across a pin that linked to Michelle’s blog over at Crafty Morning.  You can check out her post on this process here.  After reading her overview of the process I knew it was worth trying so I went out and purchased the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit in Cabernet.  The best part about this kit is it’s only $75 for a kit that covers 100 sqft.

Based on Michelle’s warning to try a small project before a big one I started with our smallest bathroom vanity pictured above.  I washed the cabinet frame and doors, taped everything using painter’s tape, used the deglosser (step 1), and then used wood filler to fill the unnecessary holes or uneven areas in the cabinets.  Once the wood filler dried I lightly sanded the area.

DSC_0434 DSC_0433


Then it was down to painting basically.  So on went the first coat.

DSC_0444Then a second and then a few coats of polyurethane (3 to be exact).  I also took Michelle’s suggestion and used a different polyurethane than what came in the kit.  I figured as inexpensive as it was it was worth it to not have to redo a door.  As a final step we replaced the hardware and the faucet with brushed nickel pieces.  Uh… this is the part where I’m supposed to insert the picture of our finished cabinet, but apparently I forgot to take pictures of it so instead I’m going to finished pictures of the second bathroom that I completed. 🙂  Ooops…




Our Outdated Faucets


Pretty New Brushed Nickel Faucets








We also tiled our jagged raw edged bathroom mirrors to make them look a little more updated like the rest of the bathroom.  We bought a sheet of 2 x 2 inch tiles that were about $3 a sq foot and I simply used some multi surface adhesive to attach the tile to the mirror.  I used painter’s tape to hold the tiles in place until the adhesive was dry.


Jagged Raw Edge Mirror and Outdated Wood Towel Rack


Tiled Bathroom Mirror










We still have plans to update the countertops but that’s another project for another post.

So overall this project was super easy!  It was LONG, but totally worth it as far as I’m concerned.  I’m totally in love with our results!!  Every time I walk in our bathroom, I’m in awe of how much better the bathroom looks! 🙂   The best part was it was totally affordable.  The kit itself was $75 but I only used about a fourth of the kit to do both of our small bathrooms (the rest will be used in the kitchen).  We bought a couple of new 2″ synthetic paintbrushes for about $15.  You do need painter’s tape, a foam brush, and something to cover floors but I already had the tape and brush.  Instead of buying drop cloths, I used newspaper to cover the floor since it was free (I took my in-laws old ones).  As for the hardware and faucet, you can spend as much or as little as you want on those.  We bought the least expensive, updated faucets we could find at Home Depot.  It’s a Delta faucet that cost us about $20 for each bathroom.  I bought our hardware at a local hardware store but found it for less on Amazon when I purchased them for the kitchen.  Last but not least we bought 5 sheets of the tile to do the mirror so that was about $15 plus the $3 for the adhesive.  All in all, accounting for only using a small portion of the cabinet kit we probably spent less than $100 to update both of our bathrooms thus far.  I am very excited about our results, and I’m headed to start on the kitchen which will be a much larger project.  I’ll share the details of that later.



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